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In the first i want to show you some of previously catalog of suspended ceilings pop designs, because i think you will like it so much and you will see exclusive designs of suspended ceiling for living room 2014:
There are many catalogs of false ceiling designs, pop ceiling design, drop ceiling designs, Stretch ceilings, panel ceilings, gypsum board ceiling designs and other ceiling types for all rooms interior design, but i will mention some of this suspended ceiling catalogs for you and you can see other collection of false and suspended ceiling pop designs by yourself at Interior ceilings .

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suspended ceiling tiles, lighting, systems pop designs for living room 2014
Suspended ceilings 2014 are used for interior designs for any purpose to enhance the architectural and aesthetic and acoustic qualities of the living room, the device flush utilities, etc. Benefits are suspended ceilings industrialization and speed of installation, availability of space for the utilities, ample interior design, stability and good stability under dynamic impacts, vibrations, with the exception of work on the suspension of lighting devices by device lamps integrated in the ceiling, as well as environmental cleanliness.

Due to the variety of design and design solutions suspended ceilings select the type of design should take into account all the requirements for the premises in terms of interior design, acoustics, lighting, ventilation, and system cost.
suspended ceiling tiles, lighting, systems pop designs for living room 2014
Drawback of the system - increased cost compared with plasterboard ceilings (but considerably smaller than, for example, with tension ceilings).

From the structural point of view, suspended ceilings consist of suspended ceiling systems and mineral plates, stacked in a cell mounted structure. Changing the type of ceiling panels and equipment (lights, ventilation elements and fire protection systems), you can receive a variety of design solutions ceilings in full accordance with any requirements in terms of sound insulation, fire resistance, light reflection, water resistance, etc.

suspended ceiling tiles, lighting, systems pop designs for living room 2014

Types of suspended ceilings pop designs 2014:

Contemporary decorations of suspended ceiling pop designs for living room undoubtedly creative process. Due to the different types of suspended ceilings made possible arrange interior style, make it fashionable, attractive and functional. And this is not all the benefits of suspended ceilings ! 
Suspended ceilings have a lot of indisputable advantages compared with traditional ceilings. They allow you to hide various utilities: various cables, ventilation equipment, etc. The suspended ceiling panels provide the necessary insulation, significantly reduce noise. Some types of coverage suspended ceilings have good light reflect, which improves lighting, reducing energy consumption, create a smooth, soft diffused light.

suspended ceiling tiles, lighting, systems pop designs for living room 2014

Suspended ceiling systems:

Suspended ceiling systems consisting of a metal frame suspended from the soffit, to which are attached various modular elements (panels, plates, rods, etc.), or sheets of drywall.
Suspended ceiling systems are very diverse. Experts classify ceilings functional purpose to:

- Technological ("Mid-lite), endowed with the minimum consumer properties. They are intended for interior general purpose: administrative buildings, offices, shopping halls, etc.

These ceilings are made of traditional environmentally safe materials.

- Basic suspension systems are also endowed with standard specifications.

- Functional ceiling tiles meet the highest technical standards and are designed for specialized facilities with special requirements for moisture resistance, acoustics, hygiene, impact resistance and durability;

- Designer ceiling are neat design, effectively look like in residential and public premises. With their help, designers can realize their wildest creative ideas. For the realization of the original design refinements, V-shaped, plate-like ceilings, the ceilings in the form of scales and as God knows what else. Besides all of this can be mounted in various combinations, with different steps, which also increases the decorative properties.

suspended ceiling tiles, lighting, systems pop designs for living room 2014

Suspended ceiling tiles:

Tiled panel - hard and soft mineral fiber, metal and wood are widely used for decorating homes, shops, offices. Suspended ceiling tile due to its construction can fully follow the contours of any room: niches, projections and recesses - which is a very strong argument in favor of this type of suspended ceilings pop design 2014.

suspended ceiling tiles, lighting, systems pop designs for living room 2014

Advantages and disadvantages of suspended ceilings:

Advantages of suspended ceilings obvious:

It decorates cracks, stains and other defects of the old ceiling. Hides engineering equipment located under the floor. Thus, depending on the chosen design scheme may be provided easy access to this equipment either locally or over the entire ceiling area.

In modular suspension systems for repair elements can easily be replaced.

Special acoustic suspended ceilings create favorable acoustical environment in the room, they absorb sound and reduce noise in the room. And finally, thanks to the good light reflectance ceilings many models considerably improved illumination premises without additional power consumption.

And another important advantage is the ease of suspended ceilings, simplicity and speed of installation.

suspended ceiling tiles, lighting, systems pop designs for living room 2014

Disadvantages of suspended ceilings:

Suspended ceilings have only one serious drawback: when installed with spotlights lost at least 15 cm height of the room. That is why most urban homes, designed and built during the "thaw" and developed socialism, such designs and types of suspended ceilings are not particularly relevant.

suspended ceiling tiles,lighting, systems,pop designs for living room 2014
suspended ceilings pop design for living room 2014, suspended ceiling tiles lighting systems


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